Electronic Hobbyists Crash Course Classes

The courses consist of online study and real classroom sessions in Abingdon Oxfordshire. To register onto a course and for the details of the venue location, just use the coloured button links below which are linked to the individual course pages. (More to be added soon)

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Controlling Gadgets

The Arduino Course »

With this course you'll learn (amongst many other things) how to connect up small devices and code them to get lights flashing and produce audio tones. This course uses the Arduino micro controller platform. Click the coloured button above for full course details.

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Electronic Constructions

Basic Electronics »

An introduction to electronic circuits. During this course you will get to build a small but practical amplifier. During the class phase, very safe, low 5v systems, using plugin component boards will be used. Click the green button for full course details.

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Programming Made Easy

Raspberry Pi Programming Course »

Scratch programming is marketed at children, but it is not a toy language. Anyone can learn the basics of all programming languages by using it. This course uses the Raspberry Pi computer. Click the blue button for full course details.

All courses listed above provide you with the following online resource

With each course subscribed to, you will gain member access to the share to learn video website. Video instructions will help you in constructing your five minute tutorial sessions which all attendees deliver in the classroom session. Each course is limited to five attendees only. This maximises learning and classroom discourse.

For payment and how to enrol please use our contact page. and we can then go through the options for you

Your tutor is highly educated in your chosen course subject and as well as providing the lessons, will be a source for all your questions and issues via the share to learn website. Current courses are all listed above with coloured button links to the course details pages where you can also register your interest.