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Currently out of stock on all Computer Voice (+ Tin) products. We will be sourcing more soon.

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Computer Alien Voice Effects

This circuit takes an input signal, it then amplifies and oscillates the signal, giving a very nice metalic, robotic type voice effect. An ideal low cost, easy to build unit for school plays and amateaur dramatics productions.

To use the finished circuit you will also need a seperate amplifier (any small cheap unit will do). Also a small section of vero board (Approx 45mm by 15mm) to act as a base for the three trimming potentiometers, which can be then fixed to side of the tin which is provided with the kit.

The Potentiometer Controls

These are three variable resistors (potentiometers) you will insert onto a separate vero board as decribed above. They provide the following functions:-

  • A volume control
  • An oscillator frequency control
  • A feedback strength control

With these three controls you can set the sound you want. You may well find different peoples voices need different settings. For example, a deep voice may well need a much higher oscillation frequency than a high pitched voice.

The extras as in hook up wire, speaker and any other parts not listed below are not part of the kit. But these can be purchased in the extras section

All kits that you buy will all come with two detailed videos, one will describe the theory the second video will show how to drill and adapt the tin so your board fits within it. (both videos displayed on this page below)

Kit parts are as follows:
  • 1 of PCB board
  • 3 of 1KOhm Resistors (R1,R2,R3)
  • 1 of 39KOhms Resistor (R4)
  • 1 of 10KOhms Resistor (R5)
  • 1 of 100KOhms Resistor (R7)
  • 1 of 22KOhms Resistor (R8)
  • 2 of 50KOhms Trim Pot (VR1,VR2)
  • 1 of 500KOhms Trim Pot (VR3)
  • 1 of 0.1uf Capacitor (C1)
  • 1 of 0.22uf Capacitor (C2)
  • 1 of 1uf Capacitor (C3)
  • 2 of 0.1uf Capacitor (C4,C5)
  • 1 of Reed Relay (RLA)
  • 1 of IN4001 Diode (D1)
  • 1 of 741 Opamp (IC1)
  • 1 of 555 Timer (IC2)
  • The Tin (96mm x 60mm x 21mm)
  • Battery clip
  • Assembly instructions
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The theory behind the circuit

The theory video is not required to get your circuit running. Those who are not interested in how the circuit works can just use the assembly instructions and refer to the second tin installation video for tips and an example on how to install the circuit within a typical enclosure. The theory is just an extra bonus video for those who like to know how their kits work.

NOTE: Video below is in HD quality so please view it in full size for best effect.

Tin Installation Video

NOTE: Video below is in HD quality so please view it in full size for best effect.


All kits that you buy will all come with a tin as an enclosure. (96mm x 60mm x 21mm) This short video goes through some suggestions on how to install your finished circuit into a typical enclosure. Often the tins used in the installation videos is a smaller tin for demonstration purposes. But you will always receive the larger tin version.