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Currently out of stock on all Retro Tins products. We will be sourcing more soon.

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Medium size retro tins
(65mm x 90mm x 28mm)

Retro tins give your projects a totally different feel and a big smile factor from friends and family. Even though many of them may not understand what is inside the tin, they can at least see something that looks unique and quirky.

If properly drilled and worked well, with all your controls and buttons fitted properly, the retro style can look really stunning.

These tins are a little more expensive than the stock tins we sell, but if you want something that looks like no other project container out there, than you may want to buy a retro tin.

The range below is the items we currently sell. But due to the supplier we use on these, we can only send you what we have. The designs will be different depending on what we have in stock and what the supplier has sent us. Currently the supplier is producing this range below, but that may change at any time. So you won't know the design until it arrives. But all of the designs are original, quirky and fun.

If you really do want one particular design, then contact us by email or our contact form on the about us page. We can then check what we currently have in stock, send you an image via email of what we have and then arrange for your shipment to have the design you want.

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This size of tin will hold most of our kit circuits. Each of our kits has the tin best suited to them described in the individual details pages.

Working with these tins is much easier than you might think. For tips on drilling and general metal working on them please view our construction videos.