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Reed Relay £0.82

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HAMLIN HE3621A0510 Reed Relay


  • Miniature single inline
  • Optional coil suppression diode to protect coil drive circuits
  • Normally open contact version
  • Specialist ATE version
  • External magnetic shield option
  • Diode suppression option


  • Sub-miniature size and single inline configuration allows very high packing densities, minimizing space and cost
  • Designed specifically to meet the ATE environment
  • Lower power coil consumption than competing electromechanical devices
  • Hermetically sealed switching contact is immune to the effects of its environment
  • Transfer molded package gives maximum component protection

Tech Tin Files: What is a Reed Relay

  • A reed relay is a type of relay that uses an electromagnet to control one or more reed switches. The contacts are of magnetic material and the electromagnet acts directly on them without requiring an armature to move them.
  • Sealed in a long, narrow glass tube, the contacts are protected from corrosion, and are usually plated with silver, which has very low resistivity but is prone to corrosion when exposed, rather than corrosion-resistant but more resistive gold as used in the exposed contacts of high quality relays. The glass envelope may contain multiple reed switches or multiple reed switches can be inserted into a single bobbin and actuate simultaneously. Reed switches have been manufactured since the 1930s.
  • As the moving parts are small and lightweight, reed relays can switch much faster than relays with armatures. They are mechanically simple, making for reliability and long life.