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Miniature speaker £1.80

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0.1W Miniature 8 Ohm Speaker

Mylar electrostatic speaker 20mm Dia. 20 x 5.5mm (LxWxD)

  • Coil Resistance 8 Ohm
  • Sound Level 75dB
  • Rated Power 0.1W
  • Dimensions 20 x 5.5mm
  • Diameter 20mm
  • Height 5.5mm

What is an electrostatic loudspeaker?

An electrostatic loudspeaker has a very thin, 6 micron, movable diaphragm that is driven by an electrostatic force. The diaphragm is placed between two perforated fixed electrodes. The Mylar diaphragm is provided with a weak conductive layer. The electrical charge on the diaphragm is kept at a constant level by a High Voltage Unit (HVU) and a resistor.

Unlike a conventional dynamic speaker, an electrostatic: - Has a large radiating surface. Typically, this is 100 times larger than that of a conventional tweeter. This results in considerably less intermediation distortion, which in turn causes the overall sound effect to be much more in balance. - Has a moving part, the diaphragm, whose mass is almost negligible and, moreover, whose entire surface is driven.