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Currently out of stock on all 5V Battery Pack (+ Tin) products. We will be sourcing more soon.

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Raspberry Pi Battery Pack

This is a circuit that will provide a steady regulated 5volt output using battery voltage on the input anywhere between 9 and 7.2 volts. Which can be used for example to run a Raspberry Pi computer or even charge up a standard smartphone. In fact any electronic device that requires a steady regulated 5Volt supply can be run with this battery pack.

The main component in this circuit is a linear regulator and a couple of capacitors to act as reservoirs to ease any loading on the regulator. Plus a very low power series circuit to run a LED to allow you to see that the unit is switched on.

This is probably the easiest circuit you can build. But if you view the video below on the theory it will also explain how the inside of a linear regulator works. In this way the circuit becomes real and less mysterious in its working. I would encourage you to watch the video before you build the circuit. In this way you will get more of an appreciation on its operation and hence a good understanding for what you are about to build. Even a simple circuit like this becomes interesting, once you have a basic understood of the theory behind it.

All kits that you buy will all come with two detailed videos, one will describe the theory the second video will show how to drill and adapt the tin so your board fits within it. (both videos are displayed on this page below)

Kit parts are as follows:
  • 1 of 4k7 Resisitor
  • 1 of 3mm LED
  • 2 off tantalium capacitors
  • 1 of Regulator IC LT1086
  • 1 of PCB board
  • 1 of Battery clip
  • The tin (95mm x 60mm x 21mm)
  • Assembly instructions

The theory behind the circuit

The theory video is not required to get your circuit running. Those who are not interested in how the circuit works can just use the assembly instructions and refer to the second tin installation video for tips and an example on how to install the circuit within a typical enclosure. The theory is just an extra bonus video for those who like to know how their kits work.

NOTE: Video below is in HD quality so please view it in full size for best effect.

Tin Installation Video

NOTE: Video below is in HD quality so please view it in full size for best effect.


All kits that you buy will all come with a tin as an enclosure. (96mm x 60mm x 21mm) This short video goes through some suggestions on how to install your finished circuit into a typical enclosure. Often the tins used in the installation videos is a smaller tin for demonstration purposes. But you will always receive the larger tin version.